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Some Useful Resources For Van Builders

September 4, 2018

In this post I’ll list several of the most important resources that helped me during my van conversion.

From Van to Home – Mike Hudson 


If the expression ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ is anything to go by then Mike Hudson is truly a giant. I discovered this book after I had bought my van and was looking for inspiration and information about LDV Convoys. This was without a doubt one of the most useful and most referred to resources I had. It takes you through every step of the conversion in incredible detail. Without this book I would probably still be in England building my van.

I used the same basic layout for my van and the same bed design, with a few modifications which saved me a huge amount of time and energy. If I ever meet Mike on the road I owe him a drink!

Available as an eBook from the website:

Forums and Facebook Groups


The beauty of the internet is that if you have a problem, the chances are that someone else has had the same problem and posted on a forum about it. Facebook groups are also an incredible source of knowledge. It’s nice to subscribe to a few and fill up your news feed with useful information as opposed to videos of rocket-swans.

I learnt so much from the Self-Build Campervan group and they helped me on many occasions where I was stuck. It’s a really lively and active group with lots of knowledgeable members who have been there and messed it up before! I’ve found that I’ve had loads of useful replies to any questions after even a few minutes – perfect if you need a quick answer.

Self-Build Campervans Facebook Group

Other useful Forums for LDV Owners 

Other Websites



Whenever I felt lacking in inspiration or needed some fresh ideas about how to solve a particular problem I found Pinterest to be a treasure trove of goodness. After just a few minutes of browsing I’d have a plethora of images and generally had a few new things to try or think about. I actually created an account because I found so many useful images so quickly and I got annoyed with the banner (damn you Pinterest!). Great for if you’re stuck in the office and want to do some sneaky van research.

Available at:

The Vanual


This is a great website with really relevant information whether you’re just starting your build or looking for that special something to finish it off. It has loads of step-by-step guides to help you through many of the complex procedures you’re likely to encounter.


The tone is entertaining and the content easy and engaging to navigate. It’s definitely worth having a quick browse, even if you’re not stuck on something, you might find some inspiration!

Available at: