I started recording a radio show when the Coronavirus lockdown got imposed. I didn’t really have a plan but it was great fun and allowed me to reconnect with loads of people I hadn’t spoken to for a while and chat rubbish whilst playing my favorite tracks.

The show evolved quickly and I went from streaming via VLC to being asked to host on (Thanks Fayaaz!).

I also host a chat during the show over on Discord which you can get to here:

You can find my previous shows below.

Sardinia II

The second completely off-grid show that I’ve done and the second from the beautiful isle of Sardinia. We blitzed from the laid back sonic flavours of Floating Points and DJ Format to a powerful and raucous folk-blast from OMNIA. I got really into the sounds of Grove and we finished on one of the new tracks from System of A Down. Come and get stuck in, there’s plenty to go around!

Listen here:

Sardinia I

This is the first show that I’ve done completely off-grid and just using mobile data. It was also the longest show I’ve ever done! I had a multi- camera setup (my phone was in a tree) streaming live video and it was a whole lot of fun. We started with the funkalicious flavours of the Ohio Players and John Lee Hooker. We zig-zagged into Nicolas Jaar and then boldly into Eli and Fur before exploring the sounds of chiptune with Mind in a Box and Dan Terminus. Part two of the show ramps up and gets rowdy. Sleaford Mods collide with Distillers making a delicious noisy cocktail fit for a Saturday night.


PART le 2:


This was the first show that I’ve done on the road. I was visiting my brother and made use of his Wi-Fi. I parked outside the front of his house next to a bus stop and attempted a complex multi-camera live stream which soooort of worked for about 40 minutes. There were some technical issues but I’d like to think the usual eclectic mix of bangers made up for that.

Listen here:

Show 10

I’m not sure if it was the Jazz or the heat but this show was one saucy number. Light and hip-hoppy flavours infused into a nice segment with music from people we know which then decended into folk metal revelry provided by KORPIPLAANI and Finntroll. We were all drunk by the end of the show.

Listen here:

Show 9

This show started niiiice and heavy with some Djent flavours from Animals as Leaders and Plini. We dipped our feet into the pool of classic rock before stripping off and bathing in a tribute to the old gods courtesy of Shireen and Wardruna. I started by playing a twangin’ country cover of thunderstruck which started a tangent of covers which pleasingly led us into Synthwave territory. We ended the show with Bodycount.

Listen here:

Show 7

I can’t believe I’ve recorded 7 shows. That’s nearly 24 hours of broadcast time! In this show I’ve mixed it up a bit and put on my favourite tracks I’ve played from my other shows. We also celebrated 04/04/20 at 4:20 with the track 4 + 20 by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. It’s been funky, it’s been chunky it’s been groovy. Enjoy!

Listen here:

Show 6

This show was a little ripper! Starting with a light entree of liquid Drum and Bass we proceeded with a hearty main course of Metal before culminating in an uplifting desert of Trance. I think it’s safe to say we provided a well-balanced and nutritious start to your weekend. Big love!

Listen here:

Show 5

Show 5 was ushered in with the sounds of brass as, we decided in show 4, would become tradition. We flowed into some beautiful sounds from Lusine and KERLI before embarking on a quick foray into chiptune territory featuring MASTER BOOT RECORD. Things got noisy and we ended the show in a riotous tribute to beer. Happy Thursday!

Listen here:

Show 4

Lots of rootin’ tootin’ knee slapping in this one. I messed up the track list again but that’s what Shazam is for! I realised I needed to work on my chatgaps and we invented a band. Sam Neil also made a very wholesome appearance.

Listen here:

Show 3

We started with sax before quickly galloping headfirst into some rock stompery. Technical problems reared their ugly head but order and smooth chunky basslines were restored quickly. Scatman John also reared his head, but he was welcome.

Listen here:

Show 2

I’d like to think this went a bit more smoothly. Starting funky and ending in a wild crescendo the show was a rampage across many musical genres.

Listen here:

Show 1

The first show that I recorded. It’s rough. It’s ready. It went in many strange directions. Enjoy!

Listen here: